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Datadot Technology is the world leader in microdot anti-theft identification technologies and our Datatrace product represents cutting edge digital nanoparticle authentification for anti-counterfeit.

Whenever there is recession crime increases and in the UK's present difficult economic climate theft is set to run out of control.

Fortunately Datadot Technology can offer you an affordable way to prevent you from becoming yet another victim.

What we do is simple. DataDotDNA microdot kits give your property a unique identification linked to you through an easy access database.

The photograph on the right is a real microdot filmed through a microscope. Actual size is about 1 mm. Each kit contains thousands of microdots so each item marked has substantial numbers of dots on it.

The movie on the left shows how dots on the underside of a car glow when illuminated by UV light. Easy for authorities to find but there are so many it's near impossible for a thief to remove them!

DataDotDNA work's because for a thief it's difficult or impossible to sell on property identified by our microdots as no one wants to buy stolen goods that can be linked back to the owner. and hence the theft!

We know, too, that you don't want to have to spend either a stack of your money or hours of your time to protect your property and you'll find our kits are simple and fast to apply and, equally important, affordable!

Whether you want to discourage someone from breaking into your home to steal your flat-screen TV, or you have an office with vital computers or a van full of tools essential to making your living we have what you need.

DataDotDNA Commercial Kits Find out more

 - Available in three sizes. Provides effective and cost effective marking for offices, factories and service centres.

DataDotDNA Craftsman Kit Find out more

- Specially developed for the self-employed tradesman or small service business. Will protect your tools, your vehicle and electronics like your laptop and mobile phone.

DataDotDNA Home Kit Find out more

 - Easy-to-apply marking for the home. Will mark electrical goods, valuables and garden machinery.

DataDotDNA Vehicle ID Kit Find out more

 - Microdot product for anti theft identification on cars and vans. Available for either dealer application or home application.








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